A comparison of organic and non-organic, by Swiss researcher and specialist in vegan organic food, A.W. Dänzer.

“This book is the result of a thirty-year journey,” begins Dänzer. His work led him to study the subtle inner qualities of food, and to develop a way of measuring its life-energy.

Over the years, he asked himself, “What is food?”, coming to the conclusion that, “food is consciousness, and purity and love are the most important qualities for those working with it.” His findings are presented here without the need for words. The pictures speak for themselves – such that a child could interpret them as easily as an adult.

The Invisible Power Within Foods

Dänzer measures the subtle qualities in different types of food with a special crystallisation technique, to reveal the order or chaos hidden within them. He concludes there is a vast gulf between the available life-energy in organic foods as opposed to those conventionally produced. Further, the environment and handling of the plants affects their natural harmony.

It may seem far-fetched to a cynic, but Dänzer’s research is surely way ahead of its time. I have no doubt this kind of information will be widely known and readily available in generations to come.

There is so much choice available in the food we eat. So much of it is packaged and marketed in specific ways – to give the impression of being something it may or may not be, and offering a quality it may or may not have. By returning to simple methods of producing whole, fresh, natural food, we can avail ourselves of its inherent strength and energy – the original point of eating it.

To see this comparison revealed in photography, I’m happy to set aside my analytical mind and to be inspired. This is an uplifting book, and beautifully presented.

“It is a great joy to see these pictures inspire more and more people by showing them the amazing beauty of creation, and to see the awakening realization that we can nourish ourselves with the rich beauty and the natural health qualities in food, if we act intelligently.”
– A.W. Dänzer

The Invisible Power Within Foods

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