A fascinating new look at how the human microbiome works, and how powerfully it affects our health.

There’s a lot of buzz around the microbiome right now. This is a long talk – part of the Collective Insights series at Neurohacker Collective – but considering the incredible knowledge Dr Zach Bush imparts, it’s very concise. We found it gripping from start to finish.

This is a brilliant overview of how gut flora works, how powerfully it can protect us when it’s healthy, but how easily the system can break down into illness – notably autoimmune disfunction – if it’s not encouraged to function well.

The interview explains the growing epidemics of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, autism and cancer. It also shares simple things we can do at home for healing and prevention of chronic diseases, and for general wellbeing. Of particular relevance here is a plant-based organic diet.

Full show notes at neurohacker.com »

If you want to hear more, this is a fascinating interview with plant-based athlete Rich Roll.

Full show notes at richroll.com »

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